Hey guys, over the past several months we’ve been investigating issues with increased CPU server loads. The problem was getting increasingly worse with the heightened traffic and really got us to the point of investigating each and every module and piece of code on the particular site. Rather unexpectedly, it turned out it’s actually the verified owner functionality tag that was causing the majority of the issue by running internal MySQL queries literally thousands of times per minute, lowering page load time by roughly 40%. Now is the time to thank the guys at dottech.org and Ashraf for pinpointing the issue at: http://dottech.org/137038/how-to-fix-high-mysql-cpu-woocommerce-wordpress/.

Needless to say, although we really liked the functionality, it had to be permanently disabled. To avoid confusion, the temporary solution would be to allow reviews only by customers who have already bought the particular item. The current comments made by non-verified owners will not be removed, but rather marked as such.

Kind regards,
store.cure-erectile-dysfunction.org, Support Team