Hey guys, we’re glad to announce that after nearly 5 months of development, we were able to improve our best selling testicular temperature regulatory item (with Arctics being a close second). Although we were happy how the first version turned out, we knew it could be improved even further so went down the “one solid masterpiece” road.

This new version is made entirely of eco/organic friendly plastic and is just one perfect ergonomically designed piece, so you won’t have to bother with softer air flow passages made of different materials. Naturally, this makes it extremely durable and reliable while providing you the best cooling experience. We also upped the internal pressure air flow fan’s efficacy by tweaking its rpm and size as well as modulating the design of the air flow passage.

Your feedback is extremely important to us so any suggestions/observations are more than welcome and will be taken into consideration. Enjoy!

Kind regards,
store.cure-erectile-dysfunction.org, Support Team