Multi-Alpha is a highly advanced, fundamental formula, providing over 70 high quality active ingredients in 6 blends, specifically designed to address and support the nutrient needs of active men.

Vitamin Blend: Providing the astounding 21 high quality vitamins and essential minerals.
Amino Blend: Providing 8 of the most in-demand amino-acids the male body requires for its proper day to day functioning.
Alpha Blend: Providing 7 proven vital male health supporting herbs, plus raw oyster concentrate.
Phyto Blend: Providing 22 essential botanical extracts and antioxidants in foundational amounts.
Enzy Blend: Providing 4 vital digestive enzymes for improved functioning and absorption in case it has been affected due to overloaded and improperly functioning liver and digestive system.
Additional: 11 additional vital ingredients to fully support and optimize the effect of the other blends.

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