Hey guys, we never thought much of the name when the initial site was made back in 2010. Our goal was to be something descriptive and focused on the quality of the information. The trend continued with the creation of our first line of top quality supplements under Cure-Erectile-Dysfunction.org, Ltd.

We should have probably foreseen some of the implications a similar company name would lead to, but it was just the default way of doing things back then. The complication with the name was that it made every invoice too descriptive and every order obvious of its purpose. As it is a sensitive issue, some of the clients didn’t want to have Cure-Erectile-Dysfunction.org, Ltd. on their invoices. Fortunately, we found a workaround with “CED” being the default statement PayPal issued (rest assured, we’re taking confidentiality very seriously). Even so, the name has remained somewhat inconvenient for years now. With the creation of our Alpha Method of Production, we figured it’s time to finally rename the company to something related to our main concept – “outstanding quality”, and went for Alpha Essentials, Ltd.

Another positive thing is that we decided it’s time to completely centralize our foreign warehouse locations and make them operate under one banner. The old decentralized “sole proprietorship” way of processing orders from our foreign warehouse locations was adequate and worked well for 2 years, but the time to be replaced by a superior approach has come.

Note that these new changes won’t take place immediately as similar improvements come with their respective bureaucratic technical delays. Even so, you can expect the stated alterations to be fully up and functional in a few months.

I’d like to use the occasion to thank you for your truly immense support! It gives us the strength and determination to continue improving our products and services.

Best regards,
Shawn Davis